Monday, June 4, 2012

Reflections and Anticipations

As we wrap up your sixth grade year you are about to experience the closure of an important year and the beginning of another important year.

Reflect (look back) on your sixth grade year.

Anticipate (look forward) towards your seventh grade year.

In your final project your will create something that show at least three accomplishments, or ways that you've grown during your sixth grade year.  It will also show three goals or apprehensions (concerns) that you have about your seventh grade year.

There are three ways that you can show your reflections and anticipations.

  1. Write a piece about your reflections and anticipations using Microsoft Word.
  2. Create a slide show using Power Point.
  3. Create a drawing or graphic design using Inkscape.

Today is a brainstorming day.  More details about lengths and requirements will be given as we get started.


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